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Doors Online offers a variety of payment options to make doing business with us as convenient as possible.



We utilise the most recognised 3rd party payment facilitator that is used in South Africa called PAYYFAST.

PAYFAST security and fraud protocols are as, if not more, robust than South African banks.

PAYFAST utilises 3D secure

3D Secure is a simple but very powerful service that enables the buyer to validate a financial transaction. This protects a buyer’s credit/debit card against unauthorised use when shopping online.

During checkout, an OTP (One Time Pin) is sent to the card holder’s phone via SMS or email to validate the transactions preventing any transaction to proceed without this unique PIN Code.

You can choose from a variety of payment options through PAYFAST that include the following:

Credit and Cheque cards – Both VISA and MASTERCARD

EFT payment options from all the major banking institutions

Debit Cards – Maestro and VISA ELECTRON debit cards are accepted.



Doors Online is able to offers 30 day payment directly with the manufacturers.

These facilities are granted once a thorough credit vetting process has been completed and all the relevant documentation has been completed.

CGIC (Credit Guarantee) allocates and managers the amount of credit that can be allocated to credit worthy clients.

Should you be interested in applying for a facility please fill in the necessary documentation that we will provide to you so that we can get the process moving for you.



Lastly, we also accept cash payments and direct EFTs.

We will provide you with our banking details on the all of our pro-forma and final invoices.


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