Directions for use

Suitable for: Exterior and interior wooden windows and doors.

Application: Brush or spray.

First coat/new timber: Stir before use , ensure timber is dry, clean and properly sanded before applying V-coat to the surface.

Weathered timber: Sand down timber before applying V-coat directly to surface.

Painted or varnished timber: All previous coating should be removed with suitable paint stripper and surface properly sanded. V-coat can then be applied directly to the surface.

Second coat: A second coat should be applied 6-12 hours after applying the first coat. Further coats should be applied when timber appears faded or dry.

Drying times: Drying times will be extended when applied to veneers or other laminated surfaces. For best results allow more time to dry in cold or damp weather.

Brushes should be cleaned with mineral turpentine.

Coverage: Approximately 10-12m2 per litre per coat.

Precautions / Warnings:

Harmful when consumed.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
This product is flammable.

Good to know

Treatment is of utmost importance to keep wood protected and aesthetically beautiful, especially in South Africa where harsh conditions prevail.

Neglecting to treat or incorrect treatment of a wooden product will result in and assist with rapid deterioration.

Prior to installation, doors should be stored flat on a level surface in a dry ventilated area.

Doors Online does not recommend varnish for any exterior wooden products.

Varnish does not penetrate the timber but only forms a surface layer, prolonged exposure to sun causes resin in varnish to harden and crack, allowing moisture to penetrate into the timber causing decay, discoloration and ultimately wood rot.

If doors are prepared for painting a universal sealer should be applied to all six sides prior to painting the door.

Painted timber swells and shrinks as seasons change. This might lead to cracking of paint and exposing of unpainted areas.



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